The Swedish Section for Detonics and Combustion
affiliated with The Combustion Institute


EKSJÖ, SWEDEN, 5 - 6 September 2016. Hosted by Swedish EOD and Demining Centre, SWEDEC

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NATIONAL PEACE TECHNOLOGY SEMINAR. Theme: "Peace Technology for a Peaceful World"

EKSJÖ, SWEDEN, 1 - 2 September 2015. Hosted by Swedish EOD and Demining Centre, SWEDEC

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Angela Kane, UN Deputy Secretary General, praises Cesium - Click to watch the film

Sektionen för Detonik och Förbränning bjuder in till konferens: Fredsteknik - "en svensk linje".

Inbjudan till konferens i Eksjö den 1-2 september 2015

Huvudsyftet med konferensen är att gemensamt diskutera fram en strategi för hur svensk kompetens och industriella resurser kan bidra till att möta den internationella problematiken kring okontrollerade flöden av vapen och ammunition samt att belysa hur Sverige aktivt kan stödja Förenta Nationernas arbete med SaferGuard och IATG.

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Need of an International Code on Explosives and ISEE Role in Developing it

41st ISEE Annual Conference on Explosives and Blasting Technique

Roberto Folchi & Hans Wallin, NITREX, Italy

Having so many norms and technical content of legislation to deal with is a problem that an explosives engineer has to face, especially when working at an international level. Each country has its own norms and legislation, sometimes even each other region or state, as if the physics of explosions, rock, concrete, and masonry characteristics would change across the borders. Both norms and laws are frequently out of date, being mainly developed at the beginning of the previous century and adjusted, piece by piece, to a technical and political context that is constantly changing, with adjustment being frequently adopted in a hurry, due to a problem arising such as that of international terrorism. Sometime also, norms are not harmonized with those they intend to amend, so required explanations and new adjustments lead to a vicious circle that increases confusion, complexity and depresses the explosive industry...

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Peace Technology - Security and commercial potential

Report from seminar at FHS, Sept. 8th, 2014

Bo Janzon

The are large numbers of weapons, ammunition and explosives in the world. Many of them are illegal and often in the hands of rogue states, warlords and criminals. A lot of political energy has been put into controlling export of weapons, most recently via the UN. In Sweden the question of what criteria should be used for export of weapon requests is under investigation...

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